Rebecca and I went to the premiere of Pirates of the Great Salt Lake tonight. This is the first independent film that I worked on. The movie stars Kirby Heyborne (Saints and Soldiers, The RM), Trenton James, Larry Bagby (Saints and Soldiers, Walk the Line), Emily Tindell (Napoleon Dynamite), and Steve Anderson (and me (Facing Fear, The Department)). It was nice to see all of the friends I made while making the film. It turned out to be a pretty good film and was quite popular with the crowd that was there.
The movie should be coming out some time this summer. Be sure to go see it when it comes out.
Thanks to those guys for the good time!


Here is a picture of me, Larry Bagby, and Christian Vuissa. This was one of my favorite days because I got to sit in makeup and have that nasty latex face put on to body double for Larry.


I would write more about making this film, but if I did then I would feel like I should write other blog entries from other past experiences and that could add up to forever.


I’ve been pretty computer and internet savvy for many years, but I have
never gone the way of keeping a blog. I’ve never really looked into it until recently and to be honest, I still don’t have full vision of the benefits of a blog. Nevertheless, I’m moving forward and here it is.

My first blog entry.

Nothing terribly exciting so I’m surprised if you are still reading. Stop it now! You can’t seriously be continuing to read!
I have already stated that this blog entry is about nothing interesting and that was your cue to stop reading. Well, if you aren’t going to stop reading then I suppose that I should be happy because that must mean that you intend to continue reading all of my other blogs and it won’t be a complete waste of time since I have earned a readership. You may continue to read, but I’m going to cease to write so there!

BYU went to a bowl game in Vegas so my family had to go show our support.



A bowling game before the bowl game:


Vegas1 Vegas2

We saw a comedy magic show:


Ben got his autograph.  I’m sure he treasures it to this day:


Then we saw another magic show.  Looks like Ben was the only one who liked to pose with the talent:


Vegas9  Vegas8