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  1. Glen
    April 11, 2015 @ 7:37 am

    Nice post Rebecca. I am amazed at how quickly she is growing up. Cherish every little mess and smile.


  2. Kim
    April 11, 2015 @ 11:15 am

    Love this post so much. Love this baby so much. She is such an angel baby, despite all the messes she makes. Laughed at the siblings putting her in baskets or containers or corners to contain her. Love how each person in the family adores and shows love to this baby–especially enjoyed Spencer sitting by her crib reading books to her. Dallas’s photo shoot of her turned out so great. I have experienced her joy of “Da” and love the picture of the two of them together. This post really touched my heart. Well done, Rebecca!


  3. eemsrose
    April 11, 2015 @ 3:04 pm

    oh this is soooooooo precious!!! She is a doll. And reading about her antics is crackin’ me up. Seems like she would get along with my Hannah 🙂


  4. Sarah Excell
    April 11, 2015 @ 8:46 pm

    Ha. I didn’t realize she was such a wrecking ball! My favorite was the tupperware drawer predicament. Ha! I perfectly imagined her “paralyzed” under the drawer and laughed out loud.

    Loved this post. It was super sweet. Madison is a doll face!


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