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  1. Jacob
    January 25, 2017 @ 6:59 pm

    Great title! Funny summary! Amazing super hero Ben picture! Fun memories.


  2. Kim
    January 26, 2017 @ 11:45 pm

    I, too, think you have a great title. You are a great story teller. Love how you say we made Sarah sit in the spot where the water kept dripping and didn’t allow her to be in the picture to show her.

    Jacob stepping in Sarah’s same pool of water and calling it Karma. Ha ha!!

    The paragraph about being locked in an escape room with all of us made me laugh. As did “Oh, me of little faith.” Can’t think of frolfing without getting the giggles over your reenactment of the avid frolfers. “Whole frisbee culture I had no idea even existed” is such a true statement.

    In looking at the picture of your family at the airport, I was impressed to see a bouquet of flowers along with the huge sign and the welcome home balloons. How thoughtful of your wonderful family/husband!!!

    Looking forward to the next family great escape!


  3. Gina
    January 27, 2017 @ 8:28 am

    What a fun trip!!! I loved reading about it! (Couldn’t help but wonder… did Elisabeth Shue make an appearance at laser tag?)


  4. Laurie
    January 27, 2017 @ 8:57 am

    Such a sweet post and fun memories for you guys! Loved the airport welcome party! The thomas family really is amazing and I am so happy to be a part of it! Now about that trip with spouses, let’s get on it!!!!


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