Dallas was on set at the LDS Motion Picture Studio as they were filming the Joseph Smith movie:


Dallas painted our closet door in our first apartment.  I was a little upset by this considering we didn’t own the place, and I was pretty sure our landlords didn’t want a depiction of the sky, a house, the ground, and China on their door forever but Dallas assured me it would come right off.  It did:


For my birthday Dallas and I went to the temple.  When we got there, Dallas realized he had “forgotten” his recommend.  We had to go all the way back home.  When we entered our apartment I knew something wasn’t right.  It was the weirdest feeling.  I could see little things were out of place.  I went into the kitchen.  Our friends and family popped out and yelled, “Surprise!”  Dallas had given me a surprise party.  So sweet…but still such a weird feeling to walk inside your house knowing it’s not how you left it.


I was turning 24.  Dallas had to get creative with the candles:


One night there was a huge windstorm.  Afterwards Dallas and I were in our apartment and the lights started doing strange things.  They’d get brighter and dimmer every few seconds.  We couldn’t figure out what was going on.  It was a Sunday so we decided first thing Monday morning we’d call the power company.

We didn’t last that long.

As we were walking home from church was saw smoke.  As we walked closer we realized it was coming from the general direction of our apartment.  As we turned onto our street we saw firefighters and trucks dousing our backyard.

Apparently the windstorm had knocked a tree onto some power lines.  One of them broke and was swinging freely.  Every time it hit another power line it would create a huge fireball that fell to the ground.  That’s why our lights were pulsing brighter.  One such fireball ignited the backyard and burned it all up, including the neighbor’s trampoline.  Luckily that was the only casualty and nothing else was damaged and no one was hurt.


15For Halloween Dallas was his usual creative/obscure self and went as The Son of Man painting.  Call me and my family uncultured because we weren’t familiar with this piece of art but now that I know what it is, I love the costume.  I was still teaching first grade and decided to go as Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus books/movies:



Dallas went fishing and came home victorious…and that’s no fish tale:


Dallas’s mom was in charge of Provo’s Children’s Celebration of the Arts – a day where kids could go to the park and do all sorts of art projects.  It was such a fun activity.  Dallas and I enjoyed helping out:



Jacob’s family came for Thanksgiving.  Here he is with Emma:


And Natalie:


My family all went to Las Vegas to see BYU play in some bowl game out there.



We bought a car from my aunt Nani which we lovingly referred to as “The Nani.”  The Nani was replacing Dallas’s beloved Subaru.  Here he is ready to shed a tear when we realized its life was drawing to a close:


You can see in the above picture what our parking situation was at the time.  There were three parking spots where we lived.  One was for our neighbors and two were for us.  We had been down to one car for a while so our neighbors started parking their extra car in our spot.  We didn’t mind…until we brought The Nani home.  We had to park her on the street the first night we had her because there was no room in the parking lot.  We got up the next morning to go to church and saw this:


A busted out window.

We looked closer and saw this on the inside:


A busted out console.  Someone vandalized The Nani on the very first night we had her!  We couldn’t believe it.  The ONE night we parked it on the street this happened.  We called the police but they couldn’t recover any good fingerprints.  The police officer told us that there were several vehicles along our street that had been broken into and one car was stolen.  That made us grateful that at least our car wasn’t the one that was stolen.

Dallas had the opportunity to help with the filming of the feature film Pirates of the Great Salt Lake.  He had a great time working on set getting to know the cast and crew and doing anything they needed.

He helped paint the boat they used:



They filmed the boat scenes in the Great Salt Lake.  One day Dallas wore pants.  When he came home, he took his pants off and they stayed standing up because they were so crusty from the salt.


Dallas surprised me by coming home one day all tatted up.  Just what I always wanted – my name tattooed on him.  Luckily it was a temporary tattoo.  Unluckily, this was the day of my family reunion where many of my extended family were meeting him for the first time.




Dallas was used as a double for Larry Bagby.  Here he is in character:



At one point Larry Bagby’s character appeared dead in a cave.  Dallas was used in those scenes as well.  He had to get all made up to look skeletal and spooky:


Pirates9    Pirates10

That’s Larry Bagby in the center:

PIrates12  Pirates11