Dallas and I get to go to scout Roundtable every month. In uniform.

This was Spencer’s birthday. I was helping in his class and got to be there when they sang to him:

Brooke’s drawing:

Dallas won a photography award:

Madison is kind of a bully:

While running errands I heard Madison say, “Oh! Look at that lovely plant!” I thought it was cute that she so appreciated this little bit of greenery amidst the office buildings:

A Caroline drawing:

Brooke entered an art contest at school and was one of the grade winners:

Brooke made a “kiwi bird”:

Brooke was in the school play, Peter Pan. She was an Indian Brave and Nana, the dog:

Oma came to see the play with us:

She entertained the kids during intermission showing them all of the fun charms on her bracelet. They were a captive audience!

Me: “Madison, what did you learn about in nursery? Are these kids trying to teach you how to be reverent?”

Madison: “No. They’re trying to get their heads attached to their bodies.”

I have hardly done any real blog posts the past year which is a crying shame. I have some semi-strong intentions to become a regular blogger again starting with a picture dump right here, right now.

Brooke’s planner last year was always a treat to look at:

More Brooke artwork:


Brooke wanted the iPad, so she made cute eyes to persuade me to give it to her:

This was Madison getting scared during a movie:

Baby girl had a serious paci addiction. Much to her dismay, we have since gotten rid of them: Spencer’s artwork: Madison attacking her cousin who is years older than she is:
Madison surveying our cookie ingredients: “We need two sandcastles?”  Brooke’s valentine box: Madison turned three!

We’ll end there for now. Until next time.

Allow me to interrupt my months-long blogging hiatus with a special report – Caroline turned eight! We had such a fun time on her birthday.

We started off with presents. Tradition holds that on your eighth birthday you get scriptures:

A scripture tote,

and a scripture marking pencil (which Caroline was apparently highly skeptical of):

I had planned to give her a Lego set, but unfortunately it wasn’t able to get shipped and arrive on her birthday…or so we thought. We left the house to go to swim lessons and gymnastics and Kangaroo Zoo (a bounce house place) and when we got back we saw that there was a package for Caroline! A birthday miracle!

Caroline wanted the Lego girl Olivia for her cake. Kindly ignore all the brown splotches:

Caroline was excited for her birthday, but she was really excited to be baptized. She has been looking forward to this day for months. When it finally arrived, she was ready!

Dallas baptized and confirmed her. We had a luncheon after with our family. It was a wonderful day.


Dallas was able to take some beautiful pictures of our beautiful daughter. Caroline is such a good, sweet, kind girl. She is a friend to everyone, and we love everything about this special girl.