We roller bladed to Bridal Veil Falls:

Brooke did her favorite thing which is gather algae balls:

We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows and celebrated Brooke’s birthday:

I’m loving Madison’s camera poses lately:

We invited Brooke’s best friend from Orem to the roller rink to further celebrate her birthday:

Madison was not a fan of the lights-out-sirens-blaring-fog-machine skate time:

Brooke’s Lego watch:

Every day when Madison hears the garage door open she runs to the top of the stairs with open arms to greet Dallas with a big hug:

This is Madison’s fake angry face:

Dallas was asked to go on our stake’s trek to be a videographer/photographer. Let us all give thanks that I was not asked to camp with them.

Madison has been loving Rapunzel lately. Often I will find her gathering weeds from our backyard that she insists I put in her hair to be like Rapunzel:

We went to Seussical: The Musical at the Scera:

Well, what do we have here? Two girls on the last day of school:

Here’s Caroline loving her new cousin, Jonah:

Dallas bought these glasses one year when he was dressing up as George McFly for Halloween. The kids have found the glasses and wear them everywhere now:

Madison: “Why does that baby have a roly poly nose?”

Someone has mastered the art of dressing for the job you want:

I made the cover of People magazine this year for Mother’s Day:

This was inside the magazine. Brooke nailed the vignette look:

We watched Moana a million times and Spencer turned himself into (a thankfully non-tattooed) Maui:

We were lucky(?) enough to be able to watch Brooke’s class pet, a bearded dragon named Mr. Sir:

Mr. Sir got a lot of attention from the kids:

Errr….and from Dallas:

We took Mr. Sir out to the backyard to enjoy the great outdoors. Please appreciate Madison’s attempt to give Dallas bunny ears:

We went to the Clark Planetarium. They have improved it since the last time we went and it was so fun! The kids happily played there for hours:

After the planetarium we hit the outdoor water area:

Then we visited the escalators and the kids were once again happy for hours:

Apparently escalators bring out the weirdness in my kids:

Dallas and I get to go to scout Roundtable every month. In uniform.

This was Spencer’s birthday. I was helping in his class and got to be there when they sang to him:

Brooke’s drawing:

Dallas won a photography award:

Madison is kind of a bully:

While running errands I heard Madison say, “Oh! Look at that lovely plant!” I thought it was cute that she so appreciated this little bit of greenery amidst the office buildings:

A Caroline drawing:

Brooke entered an art contest at school and was one of the grade winners:

Brooke made a “kiwi bird”:

Brooke was in the school play, Peter Pan. She was an Indian Brave and Nana, the dog:

Oma came to see the play with us:

She entertained the kids during intermission showing them all of the fun charms on her bracelet. They were a captive audience!

Me: “Madison, what did you learn about in nursery? Are these kids trying to teach you how to be reverent?”

Madison: “No. They’re trying to get their heads attached to their bodies.”

I have hardly done any real blog posts the past year which is a crying shame. I have some semi-strong intentions to become a regular blogger again starting with a picture dump right here, right now.

Brooke’s planner last year was always a treat to look at:

More Brooke artwork:


Brooke wanted the iPad, so she made cute eyes to persuade me to give it to her:

This was Madison getting scared during a movie:

Baby girl had a serious paci addiction. Much to her dismay, we have since gotten rid of them: Spencer’s artwork: Madison attacking her cousin who is years older than she is:
Madison surveying our cookie ingredients: “We need two sandcastles?”  Brooke’s valentine box: Madison turned three!

We’ll end there for now. Until next time.