Picture Dump Part II

Dallas and I get to go to scout Roundtable every month. In uniform.

This was Spencer’s birthday. I was helping in his class and got to be there when they sang to him:

Brooke’s drawing:

Dallas won a photography award:

Madison is kind of a bully:

While running errands I heard Madison say, “Oh! Look at that lovely plant!” I thought it was cute that she so appreciated this little bit of greenery amidst the office buildings:

A Caroline drawing:

Brooke entered an art contest at school and was one of the grade winners:

Brooke made a “kiwi bird”:

Brooke was in the school play, Peter Pan. She was an Indian Brave and Nana, the dog:

Oma came to see the play with us:

She entertained the kids during intermission showing them all of the fun charms on her bracelet. They were a captive audience!

Me: “Madison, what did you learn about in nursery? Are these kids trying to teach you how to be reverent?”

Madison: “No. They’re trying to get their heads attached to their bodies.”

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  1. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy the photo of you and Dallas in uniform. You honestly could be Scout uniform models for a magazine. Love it!! Love you both!!

    Congrats to Dallas for his winning photo artwork entry. He does such beautiful photography work.

    Love all the artwork of your children. So fun to look at the details of each child’s picture. And I love to see each one of their faces. Such sweetness in each precious face.

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