Picture Dump

I have hardly done any real blog posts the past year which is a crying shame. I have some semi-strong intentions to become a regular blogger again starting with a picture dump right here, right now.

Brooke’s planner last year was always a treat to look at:

More Brooke artwork:


Brooke wanted the iPad, so she made cute eyes to persuade me to give it to her:

This was Madison getting scared during a movie:

Baby girl had a serious paci addiction. Much to her dismay, we have since gotten rid of them: Spencer’s artwork: Madison attacking her cousin who is years older than she is:
Madison surveying our cookie ingredients: “We need two sandcastles?”  Brooke’s valentine box: Madison turned three!

We’ll end there for now. Until next time.

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  1. The details in Brooke’s artwork always has me amazed. I did love Spencer’s GK truck artwork. This photo dump was exactly what I have been waiting for. Please dump more!! Words are also wonderful. If you find the time.

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