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  1. Kim
    July 24, 2013 @ 4:10 pm

    What drama! What a scare! What a relief! Poor little girl. So glad I was free to help out. Now, I think it’s time for a good night’s sleep tonight for both of you. So happy you shared all the details of this story and especially happy you captured two pictures of that sweet daughter of yours.

    Are we sure it was the doctors and medicine that made her better…? Or was it bear…?


  2. sarah
    July 24, 2013 @ 10:01 pm

    I love that bear was tucked in right beside her. Glad she’s doing better and that you didn’t have to stay the full 3 days.


  3. ann
    July 24, 2013 @ 10:21 pm

    How terrifying! I’m so sorry this happened to you! I am so glad that she will be okay, but wow! What a scare! 🙁 Prayers for all of you tonight!


  4. Gina
    July 26, 2013 @ 7:04 am

    That is so scary! I did not even know an abscess was a complication from strep. What a blessing that she didn’t need surgery.


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